We are here to assist you in having the best experience while you are visiting or planing to come to Miami. Our team members are fully prepared to make sure all your needs are covered.

Pedro Alvarado CEO & Founder

Andres Benitez E-Commerce Director

Dany Nobili
Public Relations & Sales Representative

Ivan Morales Executive Director of Photography

Wilber Mateu Executive Director of Video Film

Briggith Ripamonti Director of Media

Yesenia Judice Media Specialist

Yves Ariste Blogger & Influencer

Yulia Korotkova
Blogger & Influencer

Pedro Alvarado ( CEO), has implemented his philosophy in this company and starting from himself, We always treat our customers as VIP. We differ from the others, because since you contact us, we take care of you before, during and after you've had experienced the services we offered you.

Our Commitment starts with the understanding that we sell dreams and expectations, and our goal is to keep our customers enjoying their dreams.